Seduced by Academia or Acting Like a Fish in Water. Aspects on the Selection of Students to the Swedish Upper Secondary Schoolteacher Programme

Magnus Persson


This text argue that the notion of divided habitus makes it possible to expand the understanding of educational choices and strategies made by the upper secondary schoolteacher students. The analogue of a distance, gap or tug between habitus and field serve as a fruitful illustration of how educational choices and participations can be more or less complicated and full of conflict, and in the end determine the presence or absence of educational success. The social distance between habitus and the teacher education position on the field of higher education tend to affect the actual entrance and participation of the individual student. A wide distance is more complicated and full of conflict and failure than a narrower one. By combining this to the individual achieved school-resources the selection is becoming more complex but also with more consistency.

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selection of students; secondary schoolteacher programme; habitus; education

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