Isolation Depicted with Art – the Role of Culture in Prison Reality

Jan Dezyderiusz Pol


The article concerns the role of culture in conditions of isolation in prison. The author argues that cultural activities are (together with education, work, or exercise) important in influencing the behavior of inmates in penitentiaries. People who are serving a prison sentence not only have a chance to assimilate culture in a passive way, but also to create it as well. Prison cultural products include paintings, prints, ballads and songs, proverbs, poetry and plays, ornate letters, as well as art objects created (oft en on request) for aesthetic and functional purposes. Art created “behind the walls†has various functions, such as mitigating the effects of isolation, promoting positive self-esteem for prisoners, or filling their time.

Słowa kluczowe

grypsera; culture; rehabilitation; prisoners’ creativity

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