Czego uczą studia? O ukrytych wymiarach uniwersyteckiej edukacji pedagogów i nauczycieli

Dorota Pauluk


Author concentrates in the article on the essence of the phenomena called hidden curriculum that concerns not only low level schools but also universities. A controversy arised around the hidden curriculum is presented beginning from the different theoretical points of view radicated in functionalism (Ph. Jackson, R. Dreeben), going through neo-marxism theories (H. Bowles, Gintis) and finishing on the resistant theories (M. Apple, H. Giroux).

 In the second part of the paper the author tries to demonstrate, that manifestation of the hidden curriculum occurs also in the teachers and pedagogues university education process. Results of quality research carried out among pedagogue and teacher courses students of the Jagiellonian University are presented. Basing on the essays “What does the studying teach?” some nonacademic effects of higher education has been isolated . There are among them these, related to influence of the studying on personal life (learning of: life, being adult person, relation between people, time organizing) and influence of: institutions, people related to them and also studied discipline on changes in educating, occupational and moral sphere, and so on (learning of learn, strategy of surviving, way of perceive of the world, hierarchical relations an so on).

Słowa kluczowe

hidden curriculum; nonacademic effects of higher education; student; university

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