Nauczyciel „dwa i półâ€. Praca na dwa etaty jako treść socjalizacji do zawodu. Ukryty program edukacji nauczycieli

Iza Desperak


Text presents results of research into the phenomenon of multiworking (double-shift ) as a part of socialisation of teachers and content of hidden curriculum in their professional training. The research was based on six in depth interviews with various teachers. The respondents varied in case of age, family situation, length and quality of professional experience, specialisation, and type of main work. All interviewed teachers had at least two regular jobs, sometimes accompanied by petty extra jobs. The research was aimed to uncover some mechanisms and taboos concerning teachers’ multiworking. The interviews revealed that double-shift work is crucial element of the professional word of the teachers. They feel enforced to such heavy work by low salaries and the needs of their families. Main disadvantage of such work is lack of time for the family and for themselves. Younger interviewees, especially those working also at the university, declared both disadvantages and advantages of such working system as: flexibility, feeling of employment safety, ability to find satisfaction and self fulfillment by choosing the hours of work.

Słowa kluczowe

multiworking; teacher; hidden curriculum; socialisation; research

Pełny tekst:



Desperak I., Stereotypy ról kobiet w reklamie telewizyjnej i praktyce rynku pracy, „Acta Universitatis Lodziensis, Folia Sociologica†2001, 29.

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