Dwa sposoby (rozumienia) alfabetyzacji?

Hanna Kostyło


The paper The Alphabet of the World with the World of the Alphabet tackles the issue of the main purpose of education. Should the emphasis at the beginning of formal education be upon one’s learning of the letters of the alphabet, their subsequent joining together to form words and then “clinging to” the curricula of the school subjects? Or should education be about one’s cognition and understanding of the surrounding reality while the alphabet of the knowledge of the world is only its instrument of development? The paper emphasizes educational and existential analyses of Paulo Freire. It also discusses two concepts of education pushed forward by Freire: the banking and the problem posing ones. The conclusions completing the paper concern the results which stem from each concept for both individuals and societies.

Słowa kluczowe

alphabetization; emancipation; Paulo Freire; banking education; problem posing education

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