Funkcjonowanie domu kultury w mieście gminnym

Izabela Tomala


The text below is aimed at introducing both observations and subjective deduction reflected in quality research which was conducted in selected cultural community center in year 2007. Purpose of the mentioned research was to come up with an answer to question about the way such establishments function. Predominantly conclusions refer to statutory activities (as a matter of fact, glaring lack of compliance with statute), significantly restricted establishment autonomy, inappropriate human resource policy (under-qualified personnel, lack of investments in knowledge management, nepotism, etc.) and inefficient way of disposing yearly communal subsidies. Article also contains list of mistakes and defects in functioning of public library, which is part of afore-named cultural community center, and puts forth affirmation that current infrastructural problem areas substantially hamper development of this establishment. Its existence in present shape brings more harm than benefits and hence is severely endangered. Without thorough modernization, future demise of this institution may become inevitable.

Słowa kluczowe

community centre; local government institution; real functions; small town; qualitative research

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