Wycieczka szkolna jako heterotopia uczniowskiej wolności i nauczycielskiej niewoli

Kinga Dąbrowska


Process of instructing and education proceed beyond walls of schools also, but presently, for more large number of pupil, school excursion is sole capability of participation in collective departure with contemporaries and knowledge of other places. Pupils, by teacher skillful directed, have to solve for detailed independently already and knowledge planned. I discuss results of research in this article among pupils and teachers concerning meaning school excursion. From executed by I research result, that excursion under notion for pupil equal as well as many meanings are hidden for teacher.

Closest determination of excursion as transitional place seems be places, held, detention. School excursion measures in this awareness in direction of notion heterotopia, in discourses within social sciences developed, on base of meaning, it has transmitted by Michael Foucault. There is for pupil heterotopy f r om prohibition freedom, from school, from parents, from troubles, from hitherto existing life. Consciousness of existence of attachment appears too, these people consolidating over and above any social attachment, attachments communitas. Excursion it in rates of teachers inconvenience most often, liability, captivity, continuous fear. Researched indicate, that no spontaneous, excessive bureaucracy and they cause liability, that excursion is associated one-valued negatively.

I present in article and I analyze reasons ultra different opinion so concerning excursion. I t hink about such results of awareness of school excursions by young people also.

Słowa kluczowe

heterotopia, communitas, freedom, passage, liminality

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