Fenomen Grudziądza. Przypadek miasta bez uczelni wyższej

Agnieszka Uniewska, Filip Nalaskowski


The article is an attempt of characteristic – Grudziądz as a specific educational environment - phenomenon. As it was proved, Grudziądz is the biggest (almost 100 000 citizens, #40 in the biggest Polish cities list) city with no own university. This status might be both a cause and a result of other city’s problems.

First of all – Grudziądz has the highest unemployment rate among all Polish cities – over 23%. Secondly Grudziądz has less investments than other cities in that region. Moreover, thirdly, there’s an proved opinion, that Grudziądz is unpopulating and is so called “town for a rent”.

Situation on a educational market and a general economic and social condition causes in specific choices of young Grudziądzans.

1. They plan higher education more oft en.

2. They declare different set of majors than young Poles in general. Dominating faculties are: medicine, law, education, economics, architecture.

3. We’re finding a huge different – again in comparison to a general data – in a category of school type. Domination of universities, and no private universities.

4. Major – over 78% – chose regular full time studies.

Specific a above mentioned choices indicates conservative and safe approach to youths future. Moreover it proves a responsibility. What’s even more important those date may be related to an information about leaving family home plans – that is why we may call it the accelerated adulthood and independence.

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Youths; plans; education; unemployment; higher education; Grudziądz; studies; research; adolescence; adulthood

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