No 6 (2013)

Kultura i Edukacja

Spis treści


Praxis in Left-Handers PDF
Gregory Króliczak
Culture: Meanings and Values or a Multisensory Orgy? PDF
Izabella Bukraba-Rylska
Montesquieu’s Attempt to Establish History as Science PDF
Przemysław Wewiór
Research on the Application of E.E. Gordon’s Theory of Music Learning in the Music Education in Poland PDF
Beata Bonna
Problems of the Application of Visual Anthropology in Palestinian Gender Research PDF
Marcela Kościańczuk
“And Is It Really in Lubawka?†Young People and Wanted and Unwanted Cultural Heritage PDF
Joanna Cukras-StelÄ…gowska, Jakub StelÄ…gowski
Towards the Welfare State Sociology PDF
Mariusz Baranowski
The Welfare State in a State of Crisis? PDF
Jacek Tittenbrun
Why Do We Expect More from Politics at a Time When It Is Supposedly Able to Do Less? Comparing Interwar Crisis Economics and Post-War Welfare Politics PDF
Carl Marklund
“I Couldn’t Wait to Get away from My Village†: Re-examining Childtowns in Postwar Greece PDF
Georgios Michalopoulos
Citizenship in Action? A Case Study of Polish Migrant Women Moving between Poland and the UK PDF
Ewa Duda-Mikulin
Iwona Galewska (rev.): Pamięć jako kategoria rzeczywistości kulturalnej [Memory as a Category of Cultural Reality], J. Adamowski, M. Wójcicka (eds.), Lublin 2012 PDF
Iwona Galewska
Joanna Marszałek-Kawa: A report from VII International Academic Conference “Asia in the 21st Century: Challenges, Dilemmas, Perspectives: Debating Economics, Politics, Security, Culture, and Education in Contemporary Asia,†Toruń, 16–17 May 2013 PDF
Joanna Marszałek-Kawa