No 5 (2010)

Kultura i Edukacja

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Equality of Opportunities and Mutual Recognition as the Basis of Multicultural Society PDF
Bartosz Wojciechowski
Theory Trends and Debates: What Theory Do We Need? Are “Sociology of Individuals” and “Critical Theory” the Leading Trends in Contemporary Theoretical Sociology? PDF
Janusz Mucha
Tough Love. Managerial State and Research Evaluation in Poland PDF
Dominik Antonowicz
Quality of Social Welfare Services PDF
Ryszard Szarfenberg
Trust and Social Activity versus Income Range. The Spirit Level Concept in the Light Of European Social Survey PDF
Tomasz Szlendak, Arkadiusz Karwacki
Rethinking the Notion of Culture: The Role of Prefixes PDF
Christian Giordano
Value-added Assessment in Postsecondary Schools, Theoretical Approaches and Research Results in the Czech Republic PDF
Josef Malach, Martin Malcík
Saving and Investing among Polish Society – Discussion Starting Point PDF
Danuta Dziawgo
On the Inevitability of Convergence. The History of the Transformation of the Social Policy Models in East Asia PDF
Bartosz Pieliński
Can Information about Similarities or Differences Change the Attitude toward Foreigners? An Internet Study with Japanese and Polish Male Students PDF
Krzysztof Mudyń, Małgorzata Michalik
“What’s Going on with Society?”. Polish Society and Polish Sociology as Reflected by the 14th Polish Congress of Sociology, Kraków, September 2010 PDF
Janusz Mucha, Paulina Świątek
“To Reach out for New Life” – Refl ected by the 7th Polish Congress of Pedagogic (Toruń) PDF
Mirosława Nowak-Dziemianowicz
Grażyna Krzyminiewska (rev.): Maria Nawojczyk, Przedsiębiorczość. O trudnościach w aplikacji teorii [Entrepreneurship. On the Difficulties of Theory Application] PDF
Grażyna Krzyminiewska
Maria Nawojczyk: Controversy on the Sidelines. Comment to Review of the Book Przedsiębiorczość. O trudnościach w aplikacji teorii [Entrepreneurship. On the Difficulties of Theory Application] PDF
Maria Nawojczyk
Andrzej Zalewski (rev.): Antonio Negri, Goodbye Mr. Socialism PDF
Andrzej Zalewski
Maciej Gurtowski (rev.): Janine Wedel, Shadow Elite: How the World’s New Power Brokers Undermine Democracy, Government, and the Free Market PDF
Maciej Gurtowski
Joanna Piechowiak-Lamparska: The Report on the 4th International Scientific Conference “Contemporary Asia. Politics – Security – Economy – Culture” PDF
Joanna Piechowiak-Lamparska