No 5 (2013)

Kultura i Edukacja

Spis treści


The Category of Competence in the Light of the Praxial Philosophy of Musical Education by David J. Elliott PDF
Agnieszka Weiner
The Cross-Culture Challenges in Marketing Relationship Creation. Understanding Chinese Guanxi, Renqing, Lian, Mianzi, Xinyong, and Xinren from the Direct Experiences of Polish Managers (Beyond Hofstede’s Approach) PDF
Jarosław Linka
The Young Generation in the Literature of Their Peers PDF
Lucyna Stetkiewicz
Gender Issues in Polish Education Compared with European Experiences PDF
Marzanna Pogorzelska
On Social Construction of Sociological Knowledge. The Case of a Polish Sociology of Education PDF
Tomasz Leszniewski
The Adopption for Social Networks and Lonlinesses of the Teacher Candidates PDF
Duygu Multu Bayraktar, Elif Polat Hopcan, Sinan Hopcan
The Values Underlying Teachers’ and Employers’ Expectations PDF
Mariola Chomczyńska-Rubacha, Krzysztof Rubacha
Demographic Differences and Professional Stress of College Employees: A Case Study in Serbia PDF
Jelisavka Bulatovic
Emotional Capital as a Type of Parental Strategy in Relation to Secondary School Choice Making PDF
Monika Sirkovská
The Forgotten Slavism. A Sociological Study on the Depreciation of the Memory Concerning the Slavic Heritage in History Textbooks and Curricula in Secondary Schools PDF
Andrzej Kasperek, Agata Cabała
Health of Young People as One of the Elements of the State Youth Policy in Ukraine PDF
Maryna A. Naidych
Błażej Przybylski (rev.): Zygmunt Bauman, On Education. Conversations with Riccardo Mazzeo, Wrocław 2012 PDF
Błażej Przybylski
Sylwia Maria Zakrzewska (rev.): Ryszard Radzik, Białorusini – między Wschodem a Zachodem [Belarusians – Between the East and the West], Lublin 2012 PDF
Sylwia Maria Zakrzewska
Beata PopioÅ‚ek, Krzysztof DziurzyÅ„ski: The XXII National Conference of Developmental Psychology Titled “Social Context of the Development from the Child to the Adultâ€, GdaÅ„sk 26–29 May 2013 PDF
Beata Popiołek, Krzysztof Dziurzyński