No 6 (2012)

Kultura i Edukacja

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Risk and Civicness Discourses as Educational Practices of Constituting the “Entrepreneur of Oneself†PDF
Helena Ostrowicka
Elite Private Secondary Education in Greece : Class Strategies and Educational Advantages PDF
Despoina Valassi
Later, I Can Still Be What I Want to Be . Status, Self-Esteem and Aspirations in Secondary Education, with a Focus on Pupils in Non-Academic Tracks PDF
Lenie van den Bulk, Mart-Jan de Jong
What Can “Integral†Mean in Education? PDF
Piotr BÅ‚ajet, Beata Przyborowska
The Definition of Burnout with an Emphasis on the Profession of University Teacher PDF
Lucie Dvořáková, Barbora Půtová
Mediatization of Politics During U.S. Presidential Election 2008 PDF
Łukasz Wojtkowski
“Social Relations in Turbulent Timesâ€. Coments on Sociology of Recent Crises PDF
Janusz Mucha, Paulina ÅšwiÄ…tek
Informal Support Network of Large City Inhabitants – The Selected Aspects (the Case of Lodz) PDF
Jolanta Grotowska-Leder
I Love NH. The Marginal Gentrification of an Ideal Socialist City of Nowa Huta PDF
Jacek GÄ…decki
Construction of Feminity and Masculinity in the Discourse to Popularize a Science. The Analysis of Discursive Strategies PDF
Katarzyna Leszczyńska
The Methods of Negative Emotions Managing Based on the Teachers’ Control Group Research PDF
Beata Pawłowska, Piotr Chomczyński
Old “Euro-orphans� Migration of Adult Children and Social Security of Their Elderly Parents PDF
Łukasz Krzyżowski
Ryszard Maciołek (rev.): Anna Głąb, Reason in the Practical World. Philosophical Views of Martha C. Nussbaum, Warszawa 2010, Martha C. Nussbaum Practical Philosophy PDF
Ryszard Maciołek
Anna Głąb: A response to the review of: Reason in the Practical World. Philosophical Views of Martha C. Nussbaum, In Martha C. Nussbaums “Think Academy†PDF
Anna GÅ‚Ä…b
Lyubomyr Boyakivskyy: The Place Where East and West Meet in Central Europe. Old and New: Past, Present, and Future of the Post-Communist World, 15–18 July 2012, Warsaw PDF
Lyubomyr Boyakivskyy